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Environmental Litigation

Environmental Litigation

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

Oilfield Waste


Our attorneys are leading international experts in helping oil/gas field landowners and oil/gas workers recover from damages caused by exposure to dangerous radiation related to oil and gas production. You have rights. We know the law. Together, we advocate for YOUR interests.

If You Are A Landowner

Oil and Gas operations often result in dangerous concentrations of radioactive material, particularly in pipe scale, produced waters and tanks.  There has been a long legacy of polluting leased properties and leaving the radioactive material behind when the lease is spent.

Radioactive Material

Radiation Contamination


We help residents, businesses, schools and other property owners seek remediation and damages related to the radioactive and metal contamination of their properties from commercial and government activities. Our work, which extensively relies on the work of our experienced team of attorneys and scientists, has resulted in the largest verdict in legal history for radiation contamination.


Pike Radiation

Portsmouth site expelled radioactive material into air and environment for many years without informing nearby schools, homes, businesses

St. Louis Radiation Victims

West Lake landfill and Coldwater Creek