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Pro Bono Activities

Louisiana Association for Justice

As a member of the Louisiana Association for Justice, we are proud to support the delivery of hot meals to the hard working men and women on the frontlines treating those with COVID-19. We are honored to help our doctors and nurses!

Louisiana State Bar Association (TIPS) Voluntary Mentoring Program.

The transition into practice (TIPS) program matchs one lawyer mentor with one lawyer mentee, allowing more experienced attorneys to share their knowledge with those who are just starting their legal careers. The Bar and the Louisiana Supreme Court see this as an opportunity to exercise the highest level of professionalism.

Cooper Law Firm, LLC is proud to participate in the LSBA TIPS program.

Louisiana Bar Foundation Kids’ Chance Scholarship Program

The Louisiana Bar Foundation Kids’ Chance Scholarship Program is the state chapter of a national organization that awards scholarships to the children of Louisiana workers who have been killed or permanently and totally disabled in an accident compensable under astate or federal Workers’ Compensation Act or law.

This year it is estimated that more than 100 Louisiana workers will die on the job. More than 45,000 will be injured, leaving half of those injured disabled. Families of these individuals will face difficult challenges as they struggle to overcome the financial burden of these losses. Often a child’s dream of going to college is crushed because of unexpected income loss and/or the necessity to forfeit an education for work to financially support other family members. To these children, the future can appear frightening. Already confronting difficult emotions, they often have to confront the hurdle of funding their education beyond high school.

Cooper Law Firm, LLC is proud to participate in the Louisiana Bar Foundation Kids’Chance Scholarship Program.