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Drug Manufactures

  • Helped clients successfully sue drug manufacturers for criminal and civil charges which resulted in a $6 billion verdict for serious side effects
  • Successfully litigated or settled hundreds of claims against pharmaceutical companies for product liability
  • Successfully represented hundreds of consumers in Propulsid Product Liability Litigation, USDC, Eastern District of Louisiana;
  • 00-MD- 1355 (U.S.Judge Eldon E. Fallon) for prescription drug damages which caused serious cardiovascular side effects.
  • Successfully litigated Vioxx Products Liability Litigation, USDC, Eastern District of Louisiana; 05-MD-1657 (U.S. Judge Eldon E. Fallon) resulting in $6 billion award to settle 35,000 lawsuits, federal charges, and criminal & civil claims on behalf of hundreds of consumers.

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