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Environmental and Mineral Royalties Law

Our reputation for our ground-breaking plaintiff-oriented approach to oil and gas production related cases is internationally recognized and celebrated in books such as CRUDE JUSTICE or documentaries like THE BIG FIX. We handle tough problems and pursue justice when serious injury arises due to oil and gas industry negligence, government violation of safe water standards, manufacturer failure to comply with emissions or air quality standards, and other violations related to the manufacture, storage, transportation and/or disposal of hazardous wastes and products.

Our chief legal strategist and founding partner is a pioneer in the field of oilfield waste litigation, especially naturally-occurring and technically- enhanced radioactive materials which are carcinogenic, harmful to humans, and hidden in residential, commercial and school districts across America. Clients also utilize our attorneys when an operator fails to pay mineral royalties due, pays the wrong person, or the client must deal with revisions to or termination of mineral leases.

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